A Hole in the Floor Leads to a New Bathroom

This was supposed be a simple flooring job. The homeowner called me in because the bathroom tile floor (installed two years ago) in his rental unit was cracking apart.

Upon removing the tile, we discovered part of the floor had completely rotted out, right back under the bathtub making any repair very difficult, especially due to having no access from below because of duct work.

Needless to say, the homeowner and I decided the only right way to fix this was to demo the bathroom and start fresh. The pictures speak for themselves, soundproof insulation, mold and mildew resistant drywall, a brand new 3 piece tub, and a nice tile floor finished this bathroom off nicely.


Rotting Floor


Mold growing in closet.

Rot has been cut out.

Rot has been cut out.

Roxul -Safe and Sound

Roxul -Safe and Sound


Ready for prime and paint.


The Finished Product.




Michael Breault

Proprietor of Top Notch Construction and Renovations.