A Freestanding Deck

When I arrived on-site to quote this job, this mobile home was just being delivered and situated on it’s lot.

The proud new owners were quick to mention that in no way do they want the deck fastened to their new prized possession. Luckily for Top Notch were well experienced with building decks this way, mostly because they don’t require a building permit to be pulled.

Once our quote was accepted, Home Hardware of Kingsville was nice enough to drop off lumber for us the next day to get started. This floating deck is resting on ‘deck blocks’ that were sunk into the ground and placed on tamped gravel. We used quite a few carriage bolts throughout the construction process to really lock everything together. We also made sure all our beams were being directly supported off of our footings to prevent any settling from happening. Finally to conceal the underside of this deck, we used a product available from Home Hardware known as ‘Smart Screen’, which is really just a super heavy dude black nylon screen.



Day 1 – Positioning our footings


Getting the rim joist in place


Installing the decking


Perfect cuts around the outside perimeter for a face board


Ready for a railing


The finished product


Beautiful stairs


Michael Breault

Proprietor of Top Notch Construction and Renovations.