Window and Door Job @ Dragon Villas (Grand Marais Rd, Windsor)

The owners of this building were very clear when they said they needed high quality vinyl windows, and a high quality installation job that would make this location stand out.

This 3 unit town house building was being modernized, and converted over to luxury living. It was up to us to use our windows and doors to make the exterior really stand out. In the case of these windows and doors, we had both our window manufacturer (, and our door manufacturer ( use a custom colour to paint the exteriors of their respective products to be an exact match to one another. We then used the appropriate colour aluminum flashing and high quality exterior caulking to finish them off.

If anyone is curious to see the interior of these units, here’s a video you can watch:


Before – Back View


Before – Front View

14.DV Private patio

Back – After

# 1. Dragon Villa Door photo

Back – After


Back – After


Front – After

Door After

‘Vog’ Style Door


Michael Breault

Proprietor of Top Notch Construction and Renovations.