A Little About the Owner

Top Notch Construction and Renovations is owned and operated by Michael Breault. Mike grew up in a hands-on environment and has had a passion for building from a very young age. Mike has previously worked for his dad’s renovation business, attended St. Clair College for computer programming, worked as a professional window and door installer, and finally as a ‘Home Energy Inspector’ before starting Top Notch.




What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

It may come as a surprise that setting yourself apart from your competition isn’t that difficult. We find that returning phone calls and emails in a timely manner works very well. We also find that keeping the job site, along with our enclosed trailer clean and organized goes a long way. Have a look at the interior of our enclosed trailer (see picture to the right), when we go out looking for a tool, you can guarantee we’re going to find it right away, that means we spend our time working, not searching.